Developed as an option for veteran International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) Stage 3 operations to leverage their advanced safety systems, the new Progressive Stage 3(PS3) is the latest addition to the globally recognized IS-BAO program.


Since 2002, when International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) first introduced IS-BAO to the business aviation industry, there have been hundreds of operators reach, and maintain their safety culture as a Stage 3 operation. Many Stage 3 operators have a mature SMS and may be looking for the next step. The PS3 option involves low-impact progressive audits supported by exclusive access to the IS-BAO business aviation safety database.  Stage 3 operators can now experience a personalized program with a host of new benefits never offered before.

Advancements of PS3:

  • Annual low-impact, one-day Progressive Audit with an auditor that covers one third of the IS-BAO each year 
  • Tailored IS-BAO chapter schedules to support the organization’s relevant and current issues
  • 10-year term with amortized pricing 
  • Access to multiple IS-BAO Workshop Initials to support operator safety officer training participation, at no additional cost

Leadership Opportunities:

  • Mentoring with other IS-BAO operators
  • Sharing of de-identified business aviation safety data exclusively available to the IS-BAO family for educational and benchmarking purposes 
  • IS-BAO Roundtable and/or Workshop facilitator opportunities
  • Newsletter content contributions
  • SafetyNet webinars presentations
  • Operator Review Board representation


  • Access to exclusive IS-BAO safety database (PS3 shared de-identified data)
  • IS-BAO comes to the operator via tailored schedule of audit chapters relevant to the operator
  • Interaction and audit support from highly qualified and credentialed Progressive Auditors
  • Annual audit provides additional pathways for continuous improvement and more relevant management of change.
  • Opportunities to lead IS-BAO progress
  • PS3 Leadership opportunities
  • Subscription options to simplify program management, planning and budgeting. 

How to Get Started:

  1. Operator receives a successful audit Stage 3 registration
  2. Collaborate with the Operators Review Board (ORB) to create schedule integration that supports the operator’s systems and culture.
  3. Operator accepts Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) – consent to de-identified annual data sharing; reporting & mentoring activities; 10-year terms and conditions, Receive on-site annual audit - etc.
  4. For on-site annual audit - Progressive Credentialed Auditor to include SMS chapter 3 and all other IS-BAO chapters on a 36-month cycle
  5. Access IBAC’s SMS de-identified data, including, but not limited to: IAP findings, company risk register & hazard logs, safety committee reports & action items, ERP drills, ASAP corrective actions, FOQA/FDM-when applicable, SPIs/SPTs, culture surveys….and more.

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