The IS-BAH provides an organized programme for those that truly value safe operations. As an industry recognized standard, IS-BAH provides a guiding reference point with a common goal for all to follow.

An IS-BAH-registered Ground Handling Service Provider gains independently verified recognition for having a thorough safety management development process that exceeds the minimum safety requirements. Recognized by business aviation associations around the globe, IS-BAH provides an effective framework to measure safety performance. 


IS-BAH supplies the baseline requirements for the GHSP operations. Then IS-BAH challenges them to review their current systems, programmes, and procedures, upgrading them, where needed, to a higher standard and implementing IS-BAH through to registration. By adopting and implementing IS-BAH, handlers provide a consistent experience to their customers and instill accountability throughout their operation that is based on best safety practices.


IS-BAH STAGES Is bah registered company

The IS-BAH auditing process concentrates on SMS development through a gradual process of advancing maturity:

Stage 1 - confirms that the SMS infrastructure is established and that safety management activities are appropriately targeted

Stage 2 - ensures that safety risks are being effectively managed

Stage 3 - verifies that safety management activities are fully integrated into the operator’s business and that a positive safety culture is being sustained

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