How do I get a Crew Card?Mock up combined

It’s easy to apply for the Crew Card.  Keep in mind the Crew Card is tied to a specific operator and aircraft fleet.  Follow the instructions below or contact us at

The online web form is easy to complete. Don't forget to opt-in for the new ID90 Travel perks in the application. Please be aware, IBAC will only send Crew Cards by FedEx or DHL for a fee or with an account number.  No longer will they be sent through postal service.

Start the application HERE.  

  • Applicants must have a company representative complete the authorization portion of the form, including the appropriate association membership number, IBAC Members.  Most commonly, this is a manager or an authorized company representative that can confirm the applicant’s employment and assume responsibilities described on the form.
  • Make sure to include applicant’s passport-type photo with white background.
  • Please save photo with applicant’s name for reference.
  • Crew Cards are $100 with a 2-year expiration period
  • IBAC Crew Cards now come with ID90 Travel membership discounts - see more here.

Do you have any IBAC Crew Card questions or want to check on an order? Email us at

Replacement Card

Please contact in case the card was lost, stolen or destroyed.  Replacement cards are $50 each