The journey to IS-BAO Stage 3 required all our team operating at a high level with a keen eye for right and wrong, leaving little gray area. The result is that Mira Vista has evolved its safety practices well past what we originally created. Our communication has evolved in reaction to becoming safer and our thought process in how we do business changed as well.

Stephen Tary, Director of Operations - Mira Vista Aviation, Santa Ana, California Stage 3 IS-BAO Operator


We are very proud of this accomplishment and it is a testament to our team’s commitment to safety and their ability to work together toward a strong safety culture for our operation. IS-BAO is voluntary standard of best practices and we chose to pursue this to demonstrate our professionalism to our clients and colleagues.

Vincenzo Pucillo – FOM Alidaunia, Helicopter Charter, Air Ambulance, Flight Training, Maintenance – IS-BAO Stage 1 – Foggia, Italy

We consider our flight operation a business and IS-BAO is a valuable business tool that helps us manage our company.  The by-product of it all is a safer operation for the entire team and for the people we fly. There came a point when we decided not to continue having the “Audit Blues” every year. We kept going through the ebb and flow of just preparing for the audit, then with a heavy sigh, fall back into our complacent routine. Then a few months later we would anxiously begin the process over again. 

Today, our plan is continuous, and we are always looking for ways to do it better. Everything doesn’t rest on the safety manager but there is a safety committee.  When we look at a flight ops issue, it is as an issue for the entire company, not just for flight ops.  Our safety committee meetings include people from the business and management side, operations, and maintenance, and we all come together to review all the issues.

We stepped back to Stage 2 after achieving Stage 3 several years ago and changed the way we looked at safety and the data we were collecting.  Now we are harvesting that data and with respect to “reactive, proactive, and predictive” rationale.

James Cox, Director of Operations - Business Jet Access, IS-BAO Stage 2 - KDAL – Dallas, Texas

We wanted an SMS and we wanted to do it the right way while balancing the costs and time involved with the best interests of the company. We fly one Gulfstream G550 for our business and do charter flights all over the world, but I always thought IS-BAO was only for larger operators, until now. The idea that IS-BAO could be packaged with support implementors, one-day audits, and a simplified, all-inclusive payment structure, was exactly what we needed.  Our schedules don’t allow for the time and manpower it takes to initiate this program in house, but we value what IS-BAO stands for and wanted to take the next step in developing our safety culture.  FlightPlan Stage 1 was the perfect IS-BAO option for us, and we are proud to be the North American launch operator.

Vik Brar, Accountable Executive and Owner – 30 West Jets- IS-BAO Stage 1 - KLVK - Livermore, California  

First FlightPlan Stage 1 operator – February 2020