A coordinated voice for business aviation, the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) was founded in 1981 by five business aviation associations whose core mission was to represent the interests of business aircraft operators in their respective countries. The initial five organizations have now grown to 15 member associations spanning six continents.  A Governing Board comprised of representatives designated by each member association directs IBAC. The work of the member associations fundamentally guides IBAC’s priorities.  IBAC, in turn, provides expertise to ICAO’s work, ensuring global standards reflect business aviation needs, and advises the member associations on best practices and policies to facilitate international business aviation and the growth of their operator members.

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Historically, IBAC’s membership has been limited to national and regional business aviation associations only. To help build its capabilities and its global presence, IBAC welcomes the participation and support of business aviation manufacturers and service providers as Industry Partners, as well as the support of operators as Operator Affiliates or Industry Partners. (Organizations participating as Industry Partners and Operator Affiliates must also be members of at least one IBAC member association.)

These two new IBAC membership options offer multiple opportunities for business aviation manufacturers, service providers, and operators to get involved and actively support the global advocacy of this pioneering association. 

Your involvement with IBAC will support our efforts to keep business flying around the world.

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