A coordinated voice for business aviation, the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) was founded in 1981 by five business aviation associations whose core mission was to represent the interests of business aircraft operators in their respective countries. The initial five organizations have now grown to 15 member associations spanning six continents.  A Governing Board comprised of representatives designated by each member association directs IBAC. The work of the member associations fundamentally guides IBAC’s priorities.  IBAC, in turn, provides expertise to ICAO’s work, ensuring global standards reflect business aviation needs, and advises the member associations on best practices and policies to facilitate international business aviation and the growth of their operator members.

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The International Business Aviation Association (IBAC) is the voice of business aviation at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), an UN specialized agency that establishes global rules and standards for international aviation.

Uniquely based at ICAO headquarters in Montreal where it holds official observer status - and with a global team of specialists located in Belgium, Brazil, Canada, United States and United Kingdom - IBAC delivers expert advocacy, technical expertise, and intelligence across a wide spectrum ranging from participating at key ICAO panels, task forces, and standing committees to representing business aviation at ICAO’s triennial Assembly, high level conferences and regional forums.

IBAC encourages business aviation manufacturers and service providers  - including MRO, aircraft management, transactional and other sectors - to join IBAC as an Industry Partner and assist in shaping standards at this level before they are adopted and applied as regulations by CAAs in their sovereign countries.  


  • Updating ICAO’s fundamental Chicago Convention rules governing international general aviation operations with the approval of ICAO top bodies, the first time in ICAO history of industry drafted text replacing a significant part of the Convention.
  • Leading a multi-year initiative to amend the ICAO standard allowing business aircraft with MTOW of up to 54,500 kg and with 19 or fewer seats to operate in charter and fractional service - without a fortified cockpit door.
  • Developing and securing a differentiated CO2 emissions standard appropriate for business aircraft that is recognized by ICAO, by aviation regulators and environmental agencies worldwide and across the broader civil aviation industry.
  • Establishing the leading industry standards for business aviation safety, recognized by ICAO and many world-leading regulators:
    • IS-BAO: International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations. 
    • IS-BAH: International Standard for Business Aviation Handling. 

Industry Partner Benefits and Opportunities:

  • Engage with IBAC to shape international standards – most are adopted and applied as national CAA regulations directly impacting your organization, clients, and suppliers.
  • Learn about emerging standards and regulatory issues before they become apparent to the broader business aircraft operator community.
  • Participate in the IBAC Industry Advisory Committee with semi-annual meetings and a periodic summit in Montreal, Canada, location of the ICAO headquarters
  • Connect regularly with global business aviation leaders.
  • Receive regular updates and learn about key developments affecting business aviation both at ICAO and around the world.
  • Be recognized for leadership and commitment to the global business aviation community.

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