IS-BAO is fortunate enough to have strong support throughout the industry and around the world.  As the standard continues to evolve and expand, it is important to have trustworthy partners available to streamline processes and help operators retain or advance their IS-BAO registration. Recently, IS-BAO recognized the following vendors that have donated their time and expertise to IS-BAO to implement the new progressive programs Flightplan Stage1 and Progressive Stage 3:



Aviation manuals

AviationManuals is now maintaining IBAC’s free General Company Operations Manual (GCOM), current to the latest IS-BAO revision, as well as providing its renowned simplified development methods to operators looking to obtain and maintain IS-BAO registration. The IS-BAO GCOM can be ordered in the operator’s regulatory framework, (e.g. NCC, FAR Part 91/135, etc.). The goal with this relationship is to make IS-BAO registration more convenient.

AviationManuals also offers IS-BAO registered operators preferential pricing on other manuals and free subscriptions to its document hosting module and iPad app, which includes Read & Initial tracking.

Based in the Washington, D.C. area, AviationManuals provides operations manuals to fixed and rotary wing operators, drone operators, technicians, and FBOs worldwide. Founded in 1996, the company has produced thousands of manuals and through its sister company, ARC, offers an affordable web- and iPad-based modular solution to submit, store, and analyze SMS data.


Baldwin Safety & Compliance


IS-BAO has aligned with Baldwin Safety and Compliance to develop and support the IS-BAO Progressive Stage 3 operator needs, regarding the de-identified submission, storage, and analysis of the first ever business aviation specific safety database.

IBAC is currently testing a new Progressive Stage 3 option that has been developed by an IS-BAO Stage 3 operator group. Baldwin Safety and Compliance is joining IBAC in the quest to build on and improve the safety culture of the business aviation community. The beta test will require extensive tailoring and detailed support that is a key trait of Baldwin organization. The IS-BAO operators have designed the Progressive Program and now IBAC and Baldwin are joining forces to support their direction for the future of business aviation.

Founded in 2004 and based in Hilton Head Island, SC, Baldwin Safety and Compliance offers IS-BAO, IS-BAH, and 14 CFR 5 implementation and audit preparation assistance through a staff of highly trained and credentialed experts.  Additionally, Baldwin’s industry-leading SMS/QMS software solution provides operators all the necessary tools and audit management to maintain a highly effective SMS.  

Baldwin's programs are designed specifically for operators to implement and maintain IS-BAO/IS-BAH registration.  Utilizing Baldwin's proprietary Document Management System, we provide IS-BAO/IS-BAH compliant manuals (Operations; SMS; ERP; International; etc.) that meet the operator's unique requirements.

Aviation Safety Solutions

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Amanda Ferraro started Aviation Safety Solutions, LLC because she saw a real need in the industry for mentoring and continuing education for IS-BAO and safety management. 

In addition to providing auditing and consulting services to operators seeking IS-BAO registration, Aviation Safety Solutions was instrumental in the development of the new FlightPlan Stage1 program.  

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Want to learn and advance your understanding of the IS-BAO protocols? IBAC and Aviation Safety Solutions have co-developed a new online course that is designed for business aircraft operators, safety managers, and auditors seeking knowledge of the IS-BAO protocols through a user-friendly, self-paced format. Register and get access for 12-months.

IS-BAO Protocol Standardization Course

Aviation Safety Solutions’ CEO, Amanda Ferraro has been an accredited IBAC auditor since 2013 and became the first Progressive Credentialed Implementor and Auditor for FlightPlan Stage1 (FS1,). She also is recognized as a distinguished Progressive Credentialed Auditor for the new IS-BAO Progressive Stage 3 option (PS3) and has been responsible for training auditors around the world for these new programs to ensure the highest level of standardization. 

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