Achieving IS-BAH for your organization is not as complicated as some may think.  There are only six-steps to registration.  Let’s get started!



2024 bah six steps

  1. Purchase an IS-BAH™ subscription, which includes the standards (15 Chapters) and Implementation Guide by completing the purchase FORM.
  2. Send a representative from your organization to an IBAC approved “Fundamentals of IS-BAH™” workshop.
  3. Conduct a gap analysis between your organization’s standards and procedures and those of the IS-BAH Programme.
  4. Develop procedures to identify hazards and eliminate or reduce the quantified risk to acceptable levels using a broad range of guidance material provided with the standard.
  5. Integrate procedures into department systems, programmes, operating procedures, and manuals, using materials provided.
  6. Complete an external IS-BAH audit by selecting an accredited IS-BAH auditor from the IBAC website.

Once a ground handling organization reaches this IS-BAH achievement, they can proudly display the certificate in their facility and also have access to the official IS-BAH seal/logo (Stage 2 and Stage 3 specific seals also available) to use in various communications that will clearly identify this globally recognized accomplishment.



The IS-BAH team is happy to answer your questions at

If you have limited resources to get started and need help moving through the six-step process, we recommend contacting an IS-BAH recognized Programme Support Affiliate (PSA)expert to assist with the implementation.



IBAC is a non-profit Council of business aviation associations. The IS-BAH was developed by IBAC, its Member Associations and the National Air Transport Association (NATA) for the benefit of business aviation worldwide. The price of the document has been set to recover the cost of development and the ongoing maintenance cost of a dynamic standard that will be continuously updated to reflect current procedures, equipment and regulations. The IBAC policy is to sell the standards on a non-profit basis.

Banding based on number of stations.

Band A = single station locations.

Band B = more than 1 station to 40 stations

Band C = more than 40 stations

Each location seeking IS-BAH registration is required to have purchased its own subscription. Prices are per individual operating location and based on the total number of operating locations of the organization according to the price bands below.

Subscription Band A Initial – US$2500.00 covers years 1 and 2 – Subsequent renewal years US$840.00

Subscription Band B Initial – US$2150.00 covers years 1 and 2 – Subsequent renewal years US$730.00

Subscription Band C Initial – US$1800.00 covers years 1 and 2  – Subsequent renewal years US$615.00

When an IS-BAH subscription is purchased, you will receive access to the full IS-BAH document suite, including the IS-BAH standard, protocols, implementation guide (IG) and the IS-BA Audit Programme Manual (APM).

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