IBAC released IS-BAO™ Policy 2020-01 Revision 4 which provides operators with the temporary option to undergo a remote audit where current Covid-19-related restrictions prevent a traditional in person audit to take place. Please review the Policy and contact the IS-BAO Audit Manager at isbaoauditmanager@ibac.org for any questions.


Launched in 2002, the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO™) was developed by the business aviation community and is designed to promote use of high quality operating practices by:

• Establishing a framework for effective safety and operational processes

• Providing tools to facilitate the implementation of best practices

• Delivering a Safety Management System (SMS) appropriate to all operational profiles

As the globally recognized voluntary safety standard, IS-BAO helps operators apply industry best practices by challenging them to review and compare their safety-related policies, processes and procedures, and then make improvements, elevating them to the worldwide standard for business aviation.

Similar to an ISO-9000 standard of practice, IS-BAO is specifically formulated for business aviation and accepted worldwide as the benchmark for safety and efficiency in business aircraft operations. Hundreds of operators on all continents around the world have adopted IS-BAO as the definitive standard for flight operations.

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