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Offset your CO2 emissions with IBAC Carbon Credit Exchange

Market-Based Measures to Meet Our Goals

A market-based measure referenced in the BACCC, offsetting helps achieve the business aviation goal of carbon-neutral growth. Carbon credits are purchased in the near term supplement other decarbonization actions whose benefits will accumulate over a longer term, such as the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), deployment of increasingly efficient aircraft, and implementation of operational improvements. 

Operators wishing to focus on sustainable growth should assess the degree to which relatively easy fuel efficiencies and reductions can be gained, at reasonable expense, from such measures as purchasing SAF, reducing unnecessary weight in aircraft, fuel tankering, and exploring electrical ground power options. Carbon credits purchased through the IBAC Exchange can then further offset operators' emissions, allowing operators to meet their own, voluntary carbon-reduction targets or meet potential compliance requirements. 


CTX has extended a discount of 50% off initial membership for IBAC Members and operators until December 31st 2022! The new discount code will be IBAC22.

About CTX 

IBAC has teamed with Carbon Trade eXchange (CTX) to provide an easy-to-use, transparent and reliable platform for business aviation companies to voluntarily purchase carbon credits that will offset their CO2 emissions.  This exchange only trades carbon credits (offsets) registered under three major international credit standards:

  • The Gold Standard
  • UNFCCC Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)
  • Verra Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)

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This CO2 Calculator from Conklin & de Decker will assist operators calculate their specific aircraft’s emissions. It contains data for more than 450 specific aircraft models, including most business jets, turboprops, and helicopters in operation today.

CTX Membership Allows IBAC Participants To:
  • Choose from thousands of active projects to that align with your company sustainability plan in a variety of locations around the world
  • See transparent pricing with low commission fees
  • Know that 95% of funds collected go directly to active projects that are certified
  • Experience the world’s first electronic exchange for carbon credits in real time
  • Access CORSIA compliant credits if required by your operation
  • Appreciate a simple and secure platform to support your plan for CO2 emissions reduction and carbon neutrality 

Get Started with IBAC Carbon Credit Exchange
  1. Assess fuel efficiency measures: new technology, operational improvements, and use of SAF.
  2. Monitor and calculate fuel consumption to estimate CO2 (Use ratio of 3.16 units of CO2 per 1 unit of fuel consumed)  
    1. Determine budget for voluntary offset purchase.
    2. Calculate reduced emissions when using SAF
  3. Set up CTX account (complete application – deposit escrow funds)
  4. Choose projects to fund  - align with company sustainability goals
  5. Receive certified carbon credits in real-time. Certificates sent once unique credit is retired.
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