• Integrated Management System recognized by ICAO as a holistic safety approach for business aviation - ICAO Global Aviation Safety Plan
  • Enhances operational safety through predictive and proactive methods
  • Provides a framework to measure safety performance
  • Improves operational effectiveness through an integrated SMS
  • Improves confidence by stakeholders
  • Builds teamwork and pride of achievement among personnel 
  • Simplified generic company operations manuals for EASA Part NCC requirements or in any regulatory framework are provided at no additional cost from our alliance with Aviation Manuals
  • Can lead to reductions in insurance premiums / enhanced support from some major insurance providers (see USAIG and Global)

The IS-BAO team is happy to answer your questions at IS-BAO@IBAC.org. If you have limited resources to get started and need help moving through the Six-Step process, we recommend contacting an IS-BAO recognized Programme Support Affiliate (PSA) expert to assist with the implementation.

IS-BAO operators get access to General Company Operations Manual (GCOM) in any regulatory framework from IS-BAO partner Aviation Manuals

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