Achieving IS-BAO for your organization is not as complicated as some may think.  There are only six-steps to registration.  Let’s get started!


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  1. Purchase the IS-BAO Standard Document Suite. Members of one of the 15 business aviation IBAC member associations or HAI will receive a 25% discount off the retail cost of the document suite. Complete the Purchase FORM
  2. Attend a Workshop - Attending an IS-BAO workshop by at least one company representative is now required before receiving the Stage 1 initial registration and is recommended for renewals.  The 2-day event is broken down into the Fundamentals of IS-BAO on day 1; and Auditing on day 2 that covers internal auditing processes and training for PSAs and is required for IS-BAO Auditor renewal.  See workshop schedule here or contact us about hosting a workshop!
  3. Conduct a gap analysis between your organization’s standards and procedures and those of the IS-BAO Programme. 
  4. Define and develop procedures to identify hazards and eliminate the quantified risk or reduce it to acceptable levels using a broad range of guidance material provided with the standard.
  5. Integrate processes and procedures into department systems, programme operating procedures and manuals, using the materials provided in the document suite. 

Complete an IS-BAO audit by selecting an accredited IS-BAO Auditor. Scheduling the audit should be done well in advance to accommodate schedules. Once the audit is completed and accepted successfully, the operator representative completes an approved IS-BAO registration form online, with payment, for 2-year or 3-year registration (does not include auditor or any PSA fees, if applicable).  Then an official IS-BAO Registration certificate will be mailed to the operator with additional copies available for purchase. 

Once operators reach this IS-BAO achievement, they can proudly display the certificate and have access to the official IS-BAO seal (Stage 2 and Stage 3 specific seals also available) to use in various communications that clearly identifies this quality accomplishment.

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Want to learn and advance your understanding of the IS-BAO protocols? IBAC and Aviation Safety Solutions have co-developed a new online course that is designed for business aircraft operators, safety managers, and auditors seeking knowledge of the IS-BAO protocols through a user-friendly, self-paced format. Register and get access for 12-months.

IS-BAO Protocol Standardization Course

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