The IS-BAO Programme requires an independent third-party audit to achieve the registration, or when renewing (every two, or three years) or progressing to the next stage.  Operators are responsible for selecting the qualified IS-BAO auditor, scheduling the audit and covering any fees or expenses agreed to with the auditor. Many operators base their selection on the auditor’s experience, costs, proximity to operator’s location, and schedule availability.

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Auditor Accreditation

IBAC accredited auditors must complete a rigorous application process and meet a variety of qualifications that include extensive experience in  Operations, SMS, and Auditing.  Once accredited, the IBAC accredited auditor is required to attend continuing education as well as follow policies and procedures to renew accreditation every 24 months. 

How To Become An Accredited Auditor

Is bao accredited auditor webIBAC has established qualification and experience standards that must be demonstrated by auditor applicants for initial accreditation.

  • IS-BAO Accredited Auditors must adhere to IBAC policies for Auditor Accreditation
  • All applicants are required to attend the IS-BAO Fundamentals and Auditors workshop.
  • Auditors must purchase the IS-BAO and Audit Procedures Manual and an accreditation fee payment is required before accreditation is granted.

To access the IBAC Auditor policies and forms for application, please email and reference your interest in becoming a IS-BAO Accredited Auditor.

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