IBAC Marks IS-BAH 10 Year Anniversary with Salute to SRC Aviation, the First Stage 1 Registration - and Launches New ‘Elevating Ground Handling Safety’ Campaign

EBACE 2024 – Geneva - The International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) announced the 10th anniversary of the International Standard for Business Aircraft Handling (IS-BAH) programme at EBACE 2024 and is honoring SRC Aviation of New Delhi, India, as the first ground handling organization to reach the 10-year IS-BAH milestone. To commemorate the founding anniversary, IS-BAH will introduce a campaign focusing on its objective: ‘Elevating Ground Handling Safety.’

Kurt Edwards, Director General for IBAC, said, “The idea for IS-BAH was based on the success of the aircraft operators’ standard, IS-BAO, introduced more than 20 years ago. Its global recognition as an industry safety standard inspired us to develop something similar for the critical ground handling sector, complement the operational standard, and get ahead of coming SMS requirements in this area. We are grateful for SRC Aviation and their proactive approach to safety. They became the first organization to implement IS-BAH in 2014 with a successful Stage 1 audit and have continued their leadership in the programme. Today, we recognize Bobby Chadha and the entire SRC Aviation team for reaching ten years with IS-BAH and thank them for their support and dedication to safety.”

Bobby Chadha, Managing Director for SRC Aviation, commented, “We are very proud to have been the first IS-BAH recognized ground handler on the planet, and now achieving the 10-year mark makes it even more special. Implementing IS-BAH has significantly benefited us by reinforcing our commitment to ground handling safety and elevating our service quality. With the help of IS-BAH, SRC Aviation has developed rigorous training programs that equip our team with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their duties safely and efficiently. Regular audits and performance evaluations under the IS-BAH framework ensure that any deviations from safety protocols are promptly addressed, helping us maintain operational efficiency and safety compliance. IS-BAH certification sets SRC Aviation apart from competitors by showcasing our dedication to maintaining high safety standards, which helps us attract and retain clients who value safety and quality in ground handling services.”

Terry Yeomans, IS-BAH Programme Director, has a successful background in ground handling and flight support and was also a member of the IBAC Governing Board. Having led the programme since its inception, Terry shared, “Congratulations to SRC for voluntarily going above and beyond to implement the IS-BAH for ten years! We have accomplished much with IS-BAH and not without a significant commitment from all those who have implemented the IS-BAH over the past decade, but also the help and support of the IBAC Governing Board, Secretariat, the entire IBAC International Standards team, and the IS-BAH Standards Board member volunteers, past and present. It is rewarding to see the hundreds of organizations that have committed to raising the safety bar to elevate their company’s safety culture. They are making a difference in the safety and professionalism of our industry and should be commended for adopting this management system with safety as its core value.”

The new Elevating Ground Handling Safety initiatives throughout the year will include new case studies, such as the recently released Duncan Aviation’s Journey to Stage 3 IS-BAH, a Top 10 series of Elevating Your Safety, and a View from the Ramp photo contest for IS-BAH organizations.

More About IS-BAH

As a voluntary programme, IS-BAH was the first industry standard to bring the safety management system (SMS) concept to ground handling. IS-BAH continues to elevate ground handling safety by working with hundreds of FBOs and ground handling service providers (GHSPs) worldwide to provide globally recognized safety standards and recommended best practices.

The IS-BAH Standards Board members comprise of ground handling professionals from around the world, representing the wide range and scope of service providers and aircraft operators. Suggested improvements are received throughout the year from industry users, and proposed changes identified by IBAC within the ICAO SARPs reflect a truly industry-driven standard.

Recognizing that many organizations may have limited resources to begin the six-step process to IS-BAH, IBAC has established a group of qualified Programme Support Affiliates (PSA) - these subject matter experts in IS-BAH offer fee-based assistance for implementation, providing a valuable resource for organizations. Currently, the IS-BAH community boasts 316 organizations that have successfully reached Stage 1 IS-BAH and beyond, a testament to the programme’s effectiveness and the industry’s commitment to safety.

About International Business Aviation Council (IBAC)

IBAC represents the interests of business aviation worldwide. IBAC is a non-profit, international trade association with official observer status at the International Civil Aviation Organization, the UN Specialized Agency for aviation matters, in Montreal, Canada. IBAC promotes and manages the industry-leading standards for best safety practices through its International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAOTM); International Standard for Business Aviation Handling (IS-BAHTM); Safety Management Tool Kit; SMS eLearning training; and Crew Card. Recently introduced in partnership with CTX, the IBAC Carbon Credit Exchange provides the business aviation community with a reliable resource for real-time offsetting to reduce its carbon footprint. More details at www.ibac.org

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