IBAC Congratulates HAI on its 75th Anniversary

Montreal - 26 February 2024 – The International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) extends its heartfelt congratulations to the Helicopter Association International (HAI) on its 75th anniversary.

HAI has been a cornerstone of the global helicopter industry for decades, playing a vital role in advocating for the sector’s safety, continuing education, and growth. IBAC commends HAI's dedication to promoting the unique value proposition of helicopters and the broad range of critical services they provide, from emergency medical services to offshore transportation, search and rescue, and firefighting.

“HAI has been instrumental in advancing the global helicopter industry,” said Kurt Edwards, Director General, IBAC. “Their tireless efforts have helped to ensure that helicopters are recognized as essential tools for a wide range of critical activities around the world.”

IBAC and HAI share a common vision for the future of the business aviation industry, characterized by safety, innovation, sustainability, and continued growth. Both organizations are committed to working together to address the industry’s challenges and opportunities, such as the development of new technologies and the integration of management systems to improve safety.

“We are proud to celebrate this significant milestone with HAI at the upcoming Heli-Expo show in Anaheim, California,” said Edwards. “We look forward to continuing our close collaboration in the years to come as we work together to build a brighter future for the global helicopter industry.”

Media contact:

Marj Rose, IBAC Communications Consultant, comms@ibac.org

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