It’s easy to apply for the IBAC Aircrew Identification Card.  Keep in mind the Aircrew ID Cards are tied to a specific operator and aircraft fleet. Follow the instructions below or contact us at

We now have a new online web form to order your Aircrew Card. Please be aware, IBAC will no longer send Aircrew Cards via national postal services but will only use FedEx for a fee or with account number.


Start the application HERE.  

  • Applicants must have a company representative complete the authorization portion of the form, including the appropriate association membership number IBAC Members.  Most commonly, this is a manager or an authorized company representative that can confirm the applicant’s employment and assume responsibilities described on the form.
  • Make sure to include applicant’s passport-type photo with white background and signature in a jpg format
  • Please save documents with applicant’s name for reference.

Have Aircrew Card Questions or want to check on an order? Please call IBAC at +1 (514) 954-8054 or email